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NutriZone Weight Loss Centers

At Nutrizone we offer a heart healthy approach to weight loss. Our unique 3 stage eating system is based on your individual needs. We offer customized meal plans designed for various lifestyles. Each plan is designed to maximize your weight loss and is tailored to your needs. Our one on one counseling gives that added attention to help you succeed. At Nutrizone there are no group meetings and no counting calories!


1) Our Healthy Management Plan

Our most well know plan is our Healthy Management Plan. This plan takes a sound approach to metabolic eating and has been the foundation of our heart healthy rapid weight management since 1995. This proven, three staged customized program begins with the Fast Trac Plan where you can lose up to 10 lbs in the first 10 days. It consists of a low fat, metabolic and systematic plan for success. When you hit your goal you take Sundays off because “Sundays are for eating ”with family and friends. The program combines the most up to date nutritional guidance combined with our nutritionally balanced, proven weight loss systems. It delivers a moderately higher low fat protein intake, reduced bleached flour and refined sugar to deliver the most powerful and easy weight loss.


ALT Series

When you absolutely have to lose weight fast or have a busy work life we offer our ALT Series. An aggressive meal replacement program which has recently been revised to be lower in carbohydrates and higher in protein. It is easier than ever to stay on your diet program, when you’re too busy to plan out your meals. The ALT series consists of 2/4 daily meal replacement bars or shakes followed by clean “normal” meals at lunch and dinner. Our complete line of shakes, bars, and snacks are nutritionally balanced and delicious making it easy and convenient.

Whey Delicious Protein is a multi-patented, safe, nutritionally advanced, ultra-filtered whey protein concentrate containing a standardized source of immunoglobulins proven clinically effective.

Weekly Weigh-Ins

You have unlimited weigh-in and support. We provide you with an easy way to follow your plan and monitor your progress to keep you on track. It is up to us to help you achieve your goal, according to your timeline and to keep the progress as consistent as possible.

The Recipe Corner

We will provide new and tasty recipes each month. Our recipes provide plenty of variety and are easy to prepare. They are delicious for the whole family!


We provide you with the one-on-one, on-going support from our diet and weight loss counselors. We are all in this together and we are always here to help!

Diet Plan

We keep track of your weight loss and the total number of weeks that it will take for you to complete and reach your weight loss goal! Your eating system will constantly be tweaked to minimize plateaus.

Lifestyle Lesson Plans

Lifestyle Lesson Plans are our ongoing educational series and are included for free with your plan. Through education and knowledge of foods and nutrients you will not only lose all of your weight, but you will understand how to keep it of for life!!

Flexible Meal Plans

Our menus are easy to follow, flexible and designed to suit various meal types!